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Do you have a helium miner that is relayed? If so we can help you solving it today, doing the needed Port Forwarding for you.


We can remotely access your computer in the miner network and preform the needed steps to solve the "relayed" status on any Helium miner, being it, Bobcat, Rak, Nebra, etc...


Requirements:    Remote access to PC in your miners network;  1,5 HNT


What we do:    

Find miner's current address ;

Fix miner's IP Address outside DHCP pool (if possible depends on router) ;

Port Forward to IP Address or MAC Address (depends on router) ;

Test / Ping if port is open and active (and provide you how to check in the future)

Test if you are behind a NAT, commonly seen on GSM 3G/4G Data Services (if so it keeps relayed but we provide you alternatives)



Setup Dyn DNS so you can check if your miner is Online remottly without having a Static Public Ip Adress (+1,5 HNT)



How to request:


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